About Madge

Now June 2020. our life is getting back to what we hope will be normal, I felt like sharing with you some of my works and perhaps for those of you who don’t know me, it will give you some insight into my journey.

There are several pages here that show what I have done in the past years.   My time in London was very productive and I am so grateful for the wonderful path I took there, as I was included in very special societies that were set up for artists to work in.  

What inspires me?   I love looking at beautiful and exciting images, either of the countryside, flowers, buildings, landscapes, shapes, animals, the sea, with the result I am eclectic in my works.   I am like a moth, drawn to light and for these many years about 45 of them I have not been able to leave it out of my life.   I have lived in Central Africa, South Africa, the UK and spent a lot of time in France, now living in Australia, I have tried to depict all these places in my own way, and find that light is the one consistent parts of painting that I try to capture, that elusive quality of light, that presents to one who is prepared to look and see.

Even though I had done all the above I felt that I needed to learn more from my peers, and especially to see how the young thought, and to experiment more.  I found a place at Curtin University and I was fortunate to receive a Commonwealth Award for what I was doing, six years later November 2019 I finished the Double Degree in Fine Art and Visual Culture. A wonderful enlightening journey, I would recommend to anyone seeking to progress their mind and skills.

A self portrait when I was adopting
Gustav Klimt's style of painting

University Studies 2015 - 2019

Curtin University // Art Degree Show 2019 ISBN 978-0-9923853-2-3 Page 89
Madge Woods Bachelor of Arts
Fine Art and Visual Culture Double Major
Curtin University - Open Universities Australia